DSA Pass Plus Driving Course

I am a fully qualified ADI and registered with the DSA to get you on the Pass Plus course.

Pass Plus is a training scheme for new drivers who have just passed their test. It aims to enhance your driving skills and make you a safe driver.

By taking the Pass Plus course will benefit you by

  • Saving you money on your car insurance premiums
  • Helps to build an encouraging driving style which makes you feel both safe and enjoyable
  • Reducing your risk of being involved in a road accident
  • Helps is becoming a more skilled driver
  • Enables you to achieve a safe driving experience with quality
There are six modules that make up the pass plus. The modules will not all take the same time to cover but each course must consist of a minimum of six hours of training. This does not necessarily mean six sessions – the number of sessions required will depend on the ability and progress of the individual pupil.

Observation,Judgment and Awareness

  •     Eye Contact
  •     Good road position for right reasons
  •     Early observation to reduce sudden braking and acceleration
  •     Driving more efficiently
  •     Visual scanning techniques
  •     Dealing with emergency vehicles

Consideration for vulnerable road users

  •     Motorcyclists and Cyclists
  •     Pedestrians
  •     Consideration at pedestrian crossings
  •     Schools and colleges

Spatial awareness and clearance to others

  •     Adequate Clearance
  •     Forward planning
  •     Safe stopping and following distance
  •     Awareness and anticipation of other road users
  •     Bus stops and bus lane awareness
  • Awareness and procedure of Cycle lane
  •     Good road position

Typical features of urban roads

  •     Multilane junctions
  •     Unusual roundabouts
  •     Bus and cycle lanes
  •     Under and over passes
  •     Gyratory systems
  •     Road markings

Vision – seen and be seen

  • Cleaning of Windows and Windscreen
  • Significance of washers and wipers
  • Windscreen demisters
  • Heated windows back and front
  • Fog lights
  • Use of lights appropriate to rain, sleet, snow, bright/low sun, wet/oily roads, shadows and effects

Skidding and Avoidance

  • Driver (health)
  • Aquaplaning
  • Skid prevention and correction
  • Use of controls and steering
  • Tyre tread and pressure
  • Effective braking/cadence
  • Use of ABS

Speed and stopping distances

  • Correct speed for conditions
  • Safe separation distances
  • Braking distances
  • High winds and compensation for them

Rural hazards (bends/lanes)

  • Reading the road surface
  • Passing places
  • Soft verges/kerbs
  • Differences between town and rural driving
  • Dealing with bends
  • Speed/position/other road users
  • Gradients and their effects
  • Load/weight distribution
  • The horn and its effective use

Overtaking and Progress

  • Passing slow moving traffic
  • Where, when and why to make safe progress
  • Increased potential for overtaking maneuvers
  • Safe following distance

Observation skills (middle and far distances)

  • Pedestrians with and without footpath
  • Animals
  • Horses and riders –when and how to pass, riders hand signals, need to approach slowly
  • Slow moving vehicles
  • Mud on road
  • Concealed entrances
  • Hazard perception


Vehicle lighting and use

  • Importance of headlights – clean, operating correctly, correctly adjusted, to suit prevailing road, weather and traffic conditions
  • Know when to use which lights and why
  • Avoid dazzle with other road users ahead and behind
  • Knowledge of transition effect at dusk and dawn along with the importance of half light.

Speed and stopping distances

  • Able to pull up within sight range
  • Adjust to suit road, visibility and weather

Visibility – seeing and reacting safely

  • Precautionary Checks- clean reflectors, lights, windows and windscreens
  • Awareness and correct reaction to pedestrians with or without reflective clothing
  • Cyclists with or without lights
  • Differences between lit and unlit roads
  • Due to dazzle effect please switch to defensive driving
  • Wet roads surface glare


  • Safe
  • Legal
  • Convenient
  • Lighting rules
  • On and off road

Joining, Turning, Leaving

  • From slip road
  • From side road
  • Turning left
  • Turning right
  • Use of central reservation
  • Roundabouts
  • Assessing traffic/emerging and entering safely

Forward planning and observation

  • Response to other road users turning, leaving and joining
  • Lane discipline
  • Safe lane changing
  • Separation distance
  • Reaction to road signs and markings
  • Knowledge and response to the end of dual carriageway
  • Speed limit awareness
  • Red warning triangles


  • When safe
  • When necessary
  • Effective observation for other road users in the other lane or lanes

Joining and leaving

  • From slip road/acceleration lane
  • Assessing traffic/emerging/entering safely
  • From advance one mile marker to exit

Forward planning and observation

  • Reaction to other road users joining and leaving
  • Lane discipline
  • Safe lane changing
  • Separation distance
  • Reaction to road signs and markings
  • Awareness and reaction
  • Judgment of faster moving traffic
  • Judgment of slower moving traffic


  • When safe
  • When necessary
  • Effective observation of other road users in other lanes
  • Crawler lanes and slow moving traffic
  • High sided vehicles and wind turbulence effect

Breakdowns and safety procedures

  • Planning a journey
  • Fatigue – adequate ventilation and use of service areas
  • Use of hard shoulder and dangers of when there
  • Dealing with other occupants
  • Dealing with animals
  • Emergency telephone

Once completed you will receive a certificate from the Driving Standards Agency, which you can use to show your insurance company. 

Driving Lessons East London High 

Wise Driver offers you with a comfortable and high quality Pass Plus course which is designed by DSA (Driving Standards Agency). Our course is prepared for new drivers who can gain more experience in driving and can make proper utilization of their knowledge while opting for driving lessons east London High. 

We follow the driving lessons Chingford with driving school that covers different training sessions: 

  • Motorway driving.
  • Town driving.
  • Night driving.
  • Out of town driving.
  • All weather driving.
  • Dual carriageway driving. 

Benefits received through Pass Plus 

Once you enroll yourself for driving lessons East London, you can surely be proficient in driving and get opportunity to gain knowledge through qualified instructors. There are different benefits obtained through our extensive course: 

  • Gain experience in driving.
  • Offers cheap car insurance policy.
  • Reduce the risk of road accidents.
  • Helps to boost up confidence level.
  • Nurture your skills and basics on driving.

How do you complete the course?

Driving school east London offers you the Pass Plus course where you do not have to sit for any test at the end of course. The driving skill is assessed on regular basis and it is necessary to focus on different modules so that you can successfully complete them while exceeding the standards. Your main objective is to satisfy our instructors through your performance.